Thursday, November 15, 2012

Special Others - Have A Nice Day

Pretty excited to be heading to my first live gig in about 12 months. Special Others are a band I found randomly listening to the recommendations at my local Tower Records.

And since it is such a pain in the arse to get myself to a decently sized city, and gigs in Japan are just as likely on a Tuesday or Wednesday night, I'd resigned myself to not being able to catch these guys. But luckily they are playing in Sendai AND on Sunday night.

This album probably features a wider range of styles than their previous releases which where in danger of becoming a bit stale. Still the usual jam band stylings, but with a dose of reggae, rock, and some lower tempo tracks. The first single of the new album is ROOT, I'm not sure what happened to the clip on youtube, but they've taken down the full clip and replaced it with a shortened version. But here it is anyway, enjoy!

More info about Special Others here:

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