Sunday, June 9, 2013

Family Gypsy

Family Gypsy (ファミリー・ジプシー) is the latest photobook, travel journal from Ayumu Takahashi (高橋歩).

I first became aware Takahashi's work with the Japanese-English bilingual release of LOVE & FREE (I think it's called the NY Edition). I found the book when I was at the point where I was confident enough in my Japanese to try something a bit challenging. But having the English translation made it easy to navigate.

The story of Ayumu Takahashi is an interesting one, at 26 years of age, as an extended honeymoon, he and his wife decide to spend 20 months traveling around the world. Along the journey, Takahashi wrote about the adventure, and combined with poetry and a camrea. That journey became LOVE & FREE. After the success of that work, Takahashi has also traveled around Japan by himself, and now on their tenth wedding anniversary, and with 2 small children in tow, the Takahashi family once again journeyed around the world finding peace and happiness in the little things. Through North, Central and South America, Antarctica, Australia, Asia, Europe, Africa and back to Japan, this is Family Gypsy.

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