Saturday, September 14, 2013


The fourth movie directed by comedic icon Hitoshi Matsumoto (松本人志), R100, hits cinemas in Japan next month.

Nao Omori (大森南朋) is a furniture salesmen who seeks a bit of adventure in his life. After joining a enigmatic bondage club, he realizes it is not something that he is too interested in. But the club refuses to cancel his yearly membership, and he finds himself pursued by a series of increasing persistent dominatrix. 

This week also marked Matsumoto's 50th birthday, and he has stated in interviews that he has become increasingly aware of his advancing age. He has even questioned how long he can continue with the wildly popular slapstick of the yearly Gakki no Tsukai (ガキの使い) TV specials. This week was also the final episode after 8 years of the TV series Lincoln (リンカーン), a vehicle for Matumoto and his Downtown partner Masatoshi Hamada (浜田雅功), and their friends. It's definitely worth checking out some of the best of clips of Lincoln if you can, especially their sports carnival specials:

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