Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I posted recently about Asano Inio's newest comic, Dead Dead Demons D-D-D-D-Destruction, in a recent edition of Big Comic Spirits. In that same issue a chapter long running manga series Oishibo (美味しぼ), written by Kariya Tetsuya (雁屋哲) and drawn by Hanasaki Akira (花咲アキラ), has taken all the head lines. Several characters in the comic experience nosebleeds that are attributed to exposure to nuclear fallout from Fukushima. There was public outrage over the unverified health risks linked to Fukushima by the manga.

There is a good run down of the whole saga at Rocket News 24.

I'll my own 2 cents, and say that I've lived here in Fukushima for 8 years, including the 3 years since the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear accident, and I'm unaware of any such illness or health concerns.

If anyone is looking for further reading on the impact and health effects of the Fukushima incident check out these links:

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