Sunday, August 25, 2013

Billy Bat #12

The latest piece in the puzzle that is Naoki Urasawa's (浦沢直樹) Billy Bat takes us to New Jersey in 1981. A young artist who bears a striking resemblance to Michael Jackson is drawn into the web of Billy Bat.

After the recent events in volumes 10 and 11 it seemed like the story was slowly drawing toward a conclusion with a few clues to the origin of Billy Bat. Although the latest volume draws us closer to Disney-esque Chuck Culkin, and sheds light on the faked moon landings that appeared much earlier in the story. Volume 11 also marks the first appearance by Hitler, another historical figure chasing Billy Bat and the mysterious scroll with the power to alter history.

Although the previous volume hinted at the death of Kevin Yamagata, if 20th Century Boys and Monster have taught me nothing else it's 'don't expect that to be the last we see of Kevin Yamagata.' Now is the rise of a new artist to carry the torch of Billy Bat, Kevin Goodman.

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