Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Short Peace

Short Peace is a collection of 4 short animated films by 4 acclaimed directors, plus a 5th opening sequence by Koji Morimoto (森本晃司).

The film was the idea of Akira director Katsuhiro Otomo centered around the theme of Japan. Otomo directs the first short, Combustable (ひのようじん・火要鎮), which takes place during the 18th century Edo period, and tells the story of a woman who starts fires after becoming obsessed with firemen. The second short, Tsukumo (九十九), by the director of the FREEDOM series Shuhei Morita (森田修平), also set during the 18th century, tells of a man lost on a mountain path who comes across a small forgotten shrine. The third film GAMBO directed by Hiroaki Ando is set is 16th century north eastern Japan and tells the story of a demon who is transported to the human realm and battles with a giant white bear. The final film directed by Hajime Katoki (カトキ・ハジメ), Buki Yosaraba (武器よさらば). The title is taken from the Ernest Hemingway novel A Farewell to Arms, and is set in the ruins of a near future Tokyo. The film shows a military encounter between 5 men and unmanned weapon system.

Short Peace was released last month on July 20th to limited theaters around Japan.

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